Full Campaign

Little Gold

We produced an aesthetically pleasing feed to drive traffic to their website.


Little Gold


Social Media + Photography




We have experience with business of all types, and Little Gold is a great example of this. Our task with Little Gold was simple in theory but challenging to complete. We were tasked with creating a high-end boutique feel at every Social Media touchpoint while still driving a high-level of commerce. Visual aesthetics are incredibly important for boutiques of any sort, so we tripled down on the content for Little Gold and kept shooting until we loved what we created each and every time.

We were also in control of Little Gold's Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We grew the audiences on all platforms greatly during our tenure. We posted new jewelry pieces everyday on all Social Media platforms and ran a Carousel Ad on Facebook that resulted in clickthroughs to Little Gold's website for as low as $0.10 per click.


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