swell social


Your business's story deserves to be told.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Swell Social makes sure that every digital touchpoint your customers experience leaves a great impression. We are digital storytellers at heart, and it is our commitment to telling your business's story that allows our campaigns to be so successful.

What does Swell Social do? We story-tell. We engage. We create. And at the end of the day, we help your business grow opportunity and revenue. Interested? Click the button below.


our process

Social Media begins and ends with human connection.  Everything else is just numbers and data.  When working with businesses, we operate in stages.  

The first stage is meeting with you and learning about what makes your business unique & how we can market it online.  We then take what we learned from the meeting and put together a bullet-proof strategy for your business' social media channels.

 The second stage is finding inspiration & creating the content that will fill your social channels.  Inspiration is usually found on a wave on the South Shore or in the forests along the Juan de Fuca trail.  

Thirdly, we start leveraging this content. It is kind of like baking cookies... if all the steps were followed according to our recipe, the result is tasty (and effective).